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Alicia on The Mike Nowak Show

Chicago horticulture expert Mike Nowak invited me on his radio show to discuss Earth Hour. LISTEN HERE. I'm about 3/4 of the way into the recording.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Vote Online Today For Alicia's Pepsi Refresh Project to Send Her to the Gulf

Hello my dear EcoChicago supporters. I'd like to tell you about a little project I'm working on night and day.

I'm in the running to win a $25K grant to make a documentary called "Meet The Gulf" about how Gulf residents are recovering from the BP oil spill. Making this documentary would be a dream come true. For months I've obsessed over how I can make a difference, and this is my ultimate effort to do good for the gulf, but I can't do it alone.

To win, I'll need YOUR VOTE EVERY DAY THIS MONTH. The top 10 top-voted projects will get funding. Here's how you can support my project:
  • Click "Vote for this Idea" (you can watch my video too!)
  • You will be prompted to register your email with Pepsi to Log In. It's really easy, they just want your name and birth date.
  • When you're redirected back to my project page, click "Vote for this Idea" again. That's it! You've voted. (You can leave a comment on the bottom of the project page, if you'd like)
  • Just as important as voting consistently, is sharing my project with your network. You can post the "Meet The Gulf" project link on Facebook and encourage your friends to vote too, or forward this post to your friends and family today.

  • YOU CAN VOTE ONCE PER DAY PER EMAIL ADDRESS YOU REGISTER. The only way I will win is if you vote for me more than once. You can vote for my project once every day for each email address you register with Pepsi. Voting lasts all month, so please vote every day you can.
  • PERKS FOR VOTING: GET A CREDIT, WIN MONEY: Email me or write a comment on this post and tell me you voted. Include your name and I'll add you to the credits for the documentary if I win the grant. That way, I can thank you for helping me fund this project. PLUS, if you EMAIL this post or the link to my project to 25 or more people and encourage them to vote, I'll enter you in a contest to win a $25 gift certificate to www.myearth360.com - an online eco shopping boutique. Just let me know you've forwarded the info: ecochicagoinfo@gmail.com.


Lynn Hasselberger said...

I voted. Each person gets 10 votes per day! Good luck :)

Of course I know I'm ineligible for the $25 gift certificate LOL.

Lynn Hasselberger

EcoChicago said...

Thanks, Lynn. No, you're not eligible..ha, ha, but I'm excited to see who will win the gift certificate!

Anonymous said...

Hi Alicia, Lynn sent me and I will be hearing from you in the Gulf!

EcoChicago said...

I appreciate your support. Please vote every day this month. Our destiny will depend on voters like you!

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