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Sunday, July 11, 2010

EcoChat: Sea Explorer Fabien Cousteau Takes Your Questions LIVE Monday Night

Fabien Cousteau, third generation ocean explorer of the legendary Cousteau family, will join me on EcoChat Monday night to chat about his latest OCEAN CONSERVATION PROJECT, PLANT A FISH.

Cousteau’s new non-profit organization Plant A Fish just launched last month and aims to help restore and protect ocean water and sea life by responsibly “re-planting” marine species in their local habitats including oysters in New York Harbor, coral and mangroves in south Florida, and sea turtles in El Salvador.

“Entire species of marine life are disappearing at an alarming rate. Less than 10% of the big fish species are left in the world. It’s time we stop acting as hunters and start becoming farmers. We must tend to the oceans as we do to a prized garden, as we ultimately depend on them too,” says Fabien Cousteau, Founder of Plant A Fish.

In addition to educating viewers about how they can help solve over-fishing of our world’s oceans, Fabien will be taking questions from viewers at home about sea exploration live on the show.

You can tune in right here, or visit WWW.ECOCHATONLINE.COM. See you Monday!

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