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Monday, June 21, 2010

Video: EcoChat: Learn How to Fertilize Your Garden the Green Way With Manure Tea

Annie Haven calls her product “liquid vitamins,” and for a growing number of eco-conscious green thumbs, Authentic Haven Brand manure tea is a welcome fertilizer giving home gardens a boost without harsh chemicals. Tonight Haven will join me on EcoChat to teach gardeners how her product helps plants thrive.

A natural fertilizer that’s marketed as a tea might catch people off guard at first, but manure tea is an easy-to-use product that even a first-time gardener like me will find simple and effective, and Annie will be live on the show to answer any questions you have about how the fertilizer can work for your garden

Haven creates the innovative manure tea from the byproduct of her free-range, grass-fed livestock raised on the Haven Family Ranch in California. After composting the manure for several months and adding the special Haven Family touch, the mixture is packaged in an organic cotton pouch, creating a tea bag. The consumer later steeps the tea bag in water to extract the nutrients.

Haven calls the concoction an “all-natural soil conditioner” that will help vegetables, flowers or lawns flourish. Tune-in tonight to find out why so many people are turning to the Authentic Haven Brand manure tea for their fertilizing needs.

To watch visit WWW.ECOCHATONLINE.COM at 9pm EST.

For now, this video will show you how I've used the product on my plants at home.

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