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Monday, May 17, 2010

EcoChat: Learn About Toxic Cosmetics & Win MojoSpa Beauty Product

If you can't list five toxic ingredients to avoid in beauty and personal care products, you need to join this EcoChat. Chances are, you're exposing yourself to carcinogenic chemicals on a daily basis. Tonight, learn what ingredients to avoid when choosing beauty products on this special chat, inspired by my recent article "TOXIC COSMETICS" in this month's issue of Mindful Metropolis.

Amanda from MOJOSPA will join me to highlight some natural alternatives available from her store, and we'll point out ingredients to look for when shopping in any beauty supply aisle. She'll also be giving away a MojoSpa beauty product to someone participating in the chat room.

Remember, conventional cosmetic companies are not looking out for you. They're pumping products with dozens of chemicals that have never been tested for consumer safety. Start protecting yourself tonight at 8pm CST ON ECOCHAT.


Fig+Sage said...

Good for you for talking about toxins in personal care products tonight! There's such a need for awareness in this area and one that I'm truly passionate about.

Speaking of ingredients to look out for - why can't I find a single ingredient list for any product at www.mojospa.com? Seems strange to suggest consumers look out for certain ingredients and then choose a company to sponsor a giveaway that doesn't disclose ingredients on their own website, doesn't it?

One of the top ingredients I warn to avoid is artificial fragrance since numerous toxic chemicals can be hidden behind the word "fragrance" as its not regulated. From the descriptions and names of some of their products, MojoSpa appears to be using artificial fragrance and possibly, artificial colors (another thing to avoid).

A red flag should go up when a personal care company chooses to hide their ingredients from consumers.

I wholeheartedly encourage MojoSpa to post their ingredient lists on their product pages so that conscious consumers can view them and make an informed buying decision.

EcoChicago said...

Fig+Sage it's a good question and one that we'll address on the show tonight. Hope you'll watch and comment.

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