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Monday, May 3, 2010

Angry About the BP Oil Spill? Join us for EcoChat Tonight and Vent Your Frustrations

The BP Oil Spill is growing by more than 200,000 gallons of crude oil every day and is already larger than the size of Puerto Rico. It’s an environmental disaster poised to outdo Exxon Valdez, and cutting off the leak will take months, according to government officials.

Facts like these leave many environmentalists and citizens feeling helpless and angry. Tonight on EcoChat, we’re addressing questions and concerns about the spill and evaluating potential relief strategies for the Gulf region. Coral reef expert and speaker for The Climate Project, Kent Taylor will join EcoChat to address the ecological impact of this tragedy.

Additionally, previous EcoChat guest and alternative energy whiz Bruce Becker will be phoning in to give us his opinion about the current relief operations and what should happen next.

Viewers can tune in by visiting www.ecochatonline.com at 8pm CT and may submit questions to guests on the show by logging in with a Twitter or Vokle account.

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Anonymous said...

Wanna know why the oil well hasn't been stopped yet? GREED! Russia has had several similar oil spills that have been sealed quite quickly with high explosives. The reason BP hasn't used this method is they know that they most probably would not be able to drill in this area again, so they are going to retap it no matter what the cost on the environment. And you know what? Your government knows this...more greed...in the form of they have a vested interest in either stocks or funding or a miriad of others.
We need elected officials that are there for the country, doing the will of the people, not there for getting as rich or for having power...no govt official should be allowed to own stock in any major company, all campains should be run off a set amount of money, no campain contributions allowable. AND the people should choose who runs for election..not the party(seriosly folks of all the great black men they could of run for president they pick a man with a muslim background when were at war with the muslims). But I digress..IF enough of us would investigate the facts on ways to close a well and sream bloody murder from the rooftops with facts to back up our rampage ...the well would be closed in a week.

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