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Monday, March 1, 2010

Plastic Avengers Strike Again: Calling Out Costco for Wasteful Packaging

It happened again. I spied another egregious use of plastic, this time at Costco. Actually, Erik pointed it out. I almost died when I saw this restaurant selling gift certificates wrapped in more than two feet of plastic!

<----- that's Erik, being a dork.

Make no mistake about it.
There was nothing inside this package but a sturdy piece of cardboard with a fancy label printed on it.

Then, in the produce aisle we saw these apples packaged in plastic. I've never seen apples in plastic like this before. I get it: apples bruise. But this is out of control and probably unnecessarily increases the cost of the food.

I had a reader comment on my last PLASTIC POSTING that he/she would rather have airport food wrapped in plastic to keep the germs out. What about produce at the grocery store? Do you agree?


Anonymous said...

Plastic encased produce? This is not really something I encounter. Would I rather have it packaged in plastic to keep germs out? NO! Most of the time I wash my fruit off anyway, putting it in plastic is just wasteful unless the produce comes pre-washed.

Plastic is used for its convenience. Its cheap and easy to produce. Unless everyone gets wise to the fact that global warming is REAL I don't think we will see anybody stores using hemp grocery bags or retailers putting recycled paper or seed implanted paper to price their merchandise.

And hey, at least Cosco lets you pack your own items and don't provide bags.

EcoChicago said...

Thanks for your comment.

Would you support a tax on plastic grocery bags at the local supermarket?

Anonymous said...

To be honest, no I wouldn't because then stores would probably then choose to only use paper bags and we all know where paper comes from.

Megan said...

It would be ideal for them to just nix bags alltogether. Or to only use paper bags by sustainably farmed trees- which is highly unrealistic but still :)

About the plastic packaging... it is crazy! I do know that some produce (such as "Grapples", see www.grapples.com) is packaged in plastic because it is considered by some government agancy (i forget which) to be processed- which by law needs to be packaged so it is not tampered with.

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