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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Twitter Bio: Lovely? Who Knew.

I got a DM from a new EcoChicagoIL twitter friend that caught me by surprise. The other day, @GreenCarService wrote: "Thanks for the local green follow! I love your bio. :)"

Love my bio?

I had to ask for clarification. I wrote back: "You mean my twitter bio?"

Sure enough.

When I composed this supposedly lovely bio, it was mainly just to put words in a space. There wasn't much to say. Having only recently caught on to the green scene, I kept it simple: "Trying to be green one day at a time." Back then -- (Jan 09) -- I had just launched EcoChicago and didn't have a sophisticated history of good deeds to convey or any followers to pay attention to my twitter bio.

But when @GreenCarService commented, it forced me to reconsider what I wrote, and I realized something: it's still true. And, simple as it is, the line is more than a bio. It's a mission. I think it's every ecogeek's mission.

There isn't some grand finish line.

When @GreenCarService replied to my question, he/she stated: "Yes, I think the realistic simplicity of your message speaks volumes for what everyone can do in simple steps to make a HUGE impact."

The fact is: we're all trying to be green. Whether we've been trying for the past ten years, or the past two weeks doesn't matter. It's a process, not a destination, and we're either on the path toward sustainability or away from it. Believe me, there have been times when I've faltered.

There is trash in the landfill because I didn't recycle it.

I've brought plastic bags home from the store that could have been spared.

Conventional beauty products are in my purse, even though I know my lipstick probably contains lead.

I haven't visited the Green City Market all Winter.

Even though my path toward sustainability does include deviations, I'm still green. I still recycle 50 items for every one that I don't. I still remind Erik to put the reusable shopping bags in the car (because it's his fault if they're missing). I still read the labels on new products I buy to avoid ones with Parabens and Phthalates. I still plan to go to the Green City Market when weather permits to support local farmers.

As time goes on, I keep adding to the list- improving my track record. I hope you are too.

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