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Friday, January 8, 2010

Winter Eco Travel Tips for City Living

During these brutal winter months, eco city travel becomes much less appealing. After all, bikes slip and slide in the snow and walking to the bus isn’t anyone’s first choice when there's a -15 degree wind chill outside. So what's the eco-traveler to do?

  1. Plan weekly trips. Stop by the grocery store every Monday on your way home from work instead of making an extra trip outside after you get home. That way, you’re not venturing outside in colder temperatures after you realize you’re out of milk. Also, making one weekly trip forces you to plan for your provisions, decreasing the number of times you have to shop at all.
  2. Buy boots. Boots were made for walking…especially in the snow. Buy good ones and you’ll be less inconvenienced by the slush, thus more inclined to get where you need to go on foot. I’ve lived in Chicago for seven years (never owned a car) and only bought a good, water resistant set of BOOTS this year. It’s done wonders for me.
  3. Use the CTA Bus Tracker. Hook yourself up with Chicago’s CTA Bus Tracker and you’ll spend less time outside. You can see where a bus is located and get the estimated arrival time to your station. Even if you don’t have an Internet plan on your phone, you can text CTA and they’ll give you a list of arrival times. Click HERE to check it out.

Don’t give up, eco-travelers. Spring will be here…in 70 days.


Anonymous said...

Great tips! Thanks.

Brandon said...

Glad to know the boots are working out!

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