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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

VIDEO: Fostering Dogs the Eco Way

Besides recommending biodegradable poop bags (I use THESE), I really don't have many thoughts at the moment about taking care of dogs in an eco-friendly fashion. I just REALLY wanted an outlet to share videos of the dogs I'm fostering.

To make this post a little more informative, I'll tell you about fostering dogs and why I do it.

I miss my family dog, Boobis, a lot, but I can't really visit New Mexico too often, so fostering dogs seemed like a great way to connect with animals without having to commit myself to a pet for the next ten years.

I applied through the CHICAGO CANINE RESCUE FOUNDATION to be a foster parent. After they accepted my application, I visited their Roscoe Village shelter and picked out a dog named Cookie to be my first foster pet. A volunteer with the foundation visited my home to make sure it was a safe environment for animals and dropped Cookie off to me the next day.

About a week later Cookie was adopted. The shelter has pictures of the dogs available online, so when someone expresses interest in a pet, they can either visit me to see the dog or I can meet the prospective parent at the animal shelter.

We were sad to see Cookie go because she was soooooo sweet and cuddly, but I was able to take a new dog home the same day. His name is Peanut and I'll be posting more about him later.

For now, check out my video featuring Cookie and leave any questions you have about fostering in the comments section below.

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