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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Free Eco iPhone App

SF Environment released the free EcoFinder iphone app to help San Francisco eco-geeks more easily find recycling centers. The app really comes in handy for responsibly disposing of oddities like ink, nail polish, medicine, antifreeze, and other toxic chemicals you don't trash on a daily basis.

The database has existed for awhile at sfenvironment.org, but is only now available as a phone application. You can use it to search by item and even find recycling programs that offer a free pick-up service for certain chemicals. Learn more about the application by visiting ECOFINDER online.

All of the hype about this phone application leaves me wishing the CITY OF CHICAGO would invest in similar technology for its residents. After all, the blue cart program is FAR from being completely implemented, and we could use the extra help locating recycling centers at the last minute.

As a side note, today I was giving the Starbucks guy a hard time for not recycling plastic in the store. He blamed the city for taking away the blue bag program and said his private waste removal company didn't offer the option to recycle plastic, only cardboard. However, unless 51% or more of Starbucks' waste is cardboard, they are required by city law to recycle additional materials.

When was the last time the city audited Starbucks' waste stream? I wanna know!

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