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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Blue Cart Program Expanding in Northside Neighborhoods

Chicago's Blue Cart recycling program expanded this month to include parts of the North Side including Lincoln park, lower Roscoe Village, Bucktown, and some parts of Humbold Park and Logan Square.

Service to these areas began July 6th and community meetings were held to educate residents about the expansion. For more information from the city CLICK HERE.

Remember the blue cart program is a "single stream" recycling option. Which means you can dump any of the approved items into the bin. They'll be sorted out later. THIS LINK has more information about specific items accepted by the city.

I'm glad to see such a large area getting service, but I'm disappointed that more of the western and southern neighborhoods were not included in the expansion. My new neighborhood in the west loop neither has the blue cart program nor a close recycling bin. The result is a HUGE backup in my kitchen.

What about you? Does your neighborhood have service?

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Brad K said...

plastic bags aren't supposed to be left in the blue bins, so does that mean we're not supposed to use garbage bags either?

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