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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Whole Foods, Whole Paycheck

Every time we shop at Whole Foods, Erik inevitably makes a joke referring to the store as Whole Paycheck. It's getting old, but I can't say it's any less true. We ended up paying over $100 for two bags of groceries.

1.5lbs of sirloin came out to $15.

But Whole Foods doesn't let you forget you're paying for a lot more than run-of-the-mill meat when you shop with them. Signage hanging in every direction boasts antibiotic and growth hormone-free meat coming from range-raised cattle that wasn't fed animal byproducts. Not only that, but Whole Foods pays their employees- I mean Team Members- good wages, which means almost everything sold there is going to cost more.

I've learned it's important to set limits. While roaming the organic aisles, Erik was experiencing some pretty heavy mental anguish over which bag of sugar would best sweeten his coffee. Of course there's the obvious fair trade standard. But then, which brand? Is it important to buy less processed, unbleached sugar----at $8/bag? We decided it was too much to consider and abandoned the aisle before any damage was done.

Overall, I admire the ethical standards Whole Foods practices and the accountability the company shows to the local community by supporting Midwestern farmers. The store motto is: Whole Foods, Whole People, Whole Planet.

...and right now my whole stomach is pretty full of that sirloin, etc. we bought the other day and turned into a delicious New Mexican Green Chile Stew tonight.

Yum. It was worth it.

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DC said...

Love wholefoods. There are some things you just can't find anywhere else!

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