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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

VIDEO: How To Recycle


Antonio said...

Great post! Funny AND informative. Maybe you could follow up with some answers to a few recycling issues I've always wanted the facts on:

1) When it comes to recycling cardboard and paper stock, can I recycle envelopes with cellophane address windows? What about paper materials that have adhesives and/or an glossy/aqueous coatings?

2) When recycling metals, glass and plastics (especially from food packaging), do I have to clean them out completely? Or can it just be a quick rinse? I'd hate to waste water on something that will be batch-processed again anyway.

3) It was my understanding that you cannot recycle paper towels and other "short-weave" papers because the fibers are all too short. Is this true?

4) Finally, could you post a link to the City's regulation regarding recycling options for multi-unit dwellings. I'd love to get my landlord on board but I think some government proof from the city would help my case!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the informative video. Although I do not live in Chicago, I still found it useful because I had no idea that one could recycle tinfoil. I go through a lot of it, and it always seemed like a waste to just through it out...

EcoChicago said...

Hello Anonymous,

Thanks for checking out my video blog. Although you can recycle aluminum foil in Chicago's blue cart program, it's important to make sure your recycling program will accept the material. Many times certain types of plastics or other items are not collected. Also, please reuse your foil before recycling it and you'll notice you'll have a lot more to go around. I rinse mine off and reuse as much as possible.

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